The Knutz


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The Knutz is one of the main Brazilian names in the dark scene of the country, well-known by the energetic live performances and a distinguished music. The group roots come from punk and goth rock, but they don’t simply keep limited on a small range of genres or ways of thinking. They can please rock ears from anywhere with unique BatCaveabilly rocking sounds, wild synths and attitude.

The band debut album ‘Ghost Dance Party’ is a proof of The Knutz’s diversity. An ambient spooky intro opens the album, preparing the listeners to the title song: a dancing deathrock classic and a creepy guide to a distorted reality. This chaos is also felt in other songs, as on the dusky and dense ‘The Hanging Man’. But clearly, there’s a light beyond this foggy atmosphere: ‘Heaven Outside The Mirror’ is a drop of hope in all this confusion, as well as a powerful catching song; ‘Where are you now’ is an emotional ballad, a rising sun after a storm of feelings and thoughts. Besides, the album also includes classic post punk tracks, like the vigorous ‘Just Be You’, and other punk and 80’s dancing songs – a perfect accommodation of plentiful influences.


Goth rock, Death rockabilly, Post punk, Dark Wave

Band Members

Daniel Abud (vocals/guitar), Tiago Abud (bass) and Airton Silva (drums)


Brasil / Brasil